The said, the unsaid, the half-said, the unspoken, unuttered, unformed,
unheard, misheard, unarticulated, unseen, not given, withheld,
withdrawn, flooded, excess, alignment, parallels, intersections,
divergence/convergence, the passed and passing and yet to come,
underhand, overhead, momentary, fragmentary, glimpsed, eclipsed,
shadowed, thrown into relief, the signified, ‘ingit,’ …the way
meaning is made in the spaces between things–signifier or signified,
the sign and the road, subjects and objects, binaries and alternatives.
These are not no- men’s lands–these ARE the populated spaces, the
worlds we inhabit, pass through, pass on and transgress.
And these are the realms of my captivation.

Your view?

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