There are no words to describe…

There are no words to describe
how one lives or dies
Words will always make trivial one’s struggles
Thoughts overcome once and once again
Little marches, fasts, indignities
Suggested to one’s nakedness.
Old, old and creaking
creased membranous soul pottering about
twilight rooms of memory;
The world is a bare cocoon
cracked open when one stumbles
and cannot bear the laughter of a second childhood.

Old Scraps-Sunlight

I came into the house from sunlight, light still warm and burning on my shoulder-blades, and I saw the house, that had been light and dry just now, a dark and soft thing everywhere, silent and unresistant. And the darkness persisted, though my eyes would close against this painful obscurity, persisted till I settled down to write.
Just so is our transition from laughter to pain. So our unwillingness, so our sufferance, until the balanced light of day comes back and satisfactorily counterpoints remembrance.