Recapitulating a post against those who attacked an old artist

And still we confuse faith with religion and
conscience, confuse a man’s profession with a man’s calling, and attempt to
regulate the personal as we censor the public. We still tend to force art into
a binary with morality, metaphor into a binary with realism, out of a lack of
depth and insight into the roots of art, human endeavor, and the signifier that
a civilization like India’s could be. We do not understand the difference
between each of sex, sexual acts, sexuality, sensuality, pornography, identity,
cultural artifacts, the philosophical import of the metaphors which are gods,
and the role of human integrity in artistic endeavor. Pity. No wonder we could
not understand the difference between Sita and ‘Chhaya Sita’; no wonder we
don’t understand the ungendered point of the lakshmanrekha–the boundaries of
form and material must be transgressed if great things must be enacted/created.
We have not understood the interplay of form and content, veil and gaze, nor
the difference between naked and nude.