On the NY Times article “Vindicated by DNA, but lost on the outside”

The sense of colonial legacy is like depression–canker closely held at the core. Wrongfully incarcerated in bar or body, put away by systems accidentally encountered, when released, the ‘thing’ is left unfit to survive. Redress is a fallacy as long as time is considered linear.

And in the man’s story cited above, the lure of the simple cure. The conversion to a
strict system of belief is not as hard as, say, making money. The high road to the summit is easier with guy ropes, teamwork and oxygen. Further, the test is simple, the culling automatic, and the
prize inalienable. One owns one’s goodness in a perfect moral democracy, you see.
Liberty, equality, fraternity, then, has been the call of all world religions. Come to me and you shall be free because when the horizons are invisible, one may consider oneself the master of all one surveys.




Your view?

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