No, if I can count a colored person among my friends, my supremacist irresponsibility is forgiven:

In the New York Times: 

“Many Latinos, particularly those who are here illegally, say they would never report such incidents because they do not trust the police and fear deportation.

“We’re here to work, we’re not here to do any damage,” pleaded César Angamarca, 45, who rents a room in a small house where Mr. Lucero lived. “We’re working honorably.”

Friends of Mr. Conroy and the other suspects insisted that the defendants were not racist and said they were shocked that a frivolous escapade by bored, drunken teenagers had quickly turned tragic. They pointed out that one of the defendants, José Pacheco, 17, is the son of an African-American mother and a Puerto Rican father, and that Mr. Conroy counted Latino and black classmates among his closest buddies.”


1.    Is it responsible to print the name of someone in a way that
suggests he is an illegal immigrant? The NYTimes named “César
Angamarca, 45, who rents a room in a small house where Mr. Lucero
lived” after mentioning “Many Latinos, particularly those who are here
illegally” and without clarifying if the name was changed or if the
person was in the US illegally or not and at which construction
company’s behest. It is unconscionable that a newspaper should do this.
Will the NYTimes take responsibility for this Judas kiss and will it
give the 30 pieces of silver to the lawyer who may defend Angamarca?

2.    Racism is not a continually manifested trait, like skin color.
Like anger, and love, racism can surface only some of the time. For
these kids to say they are not racist because they had colored folks
among their friends does not obscure what they were doing when they
said they were going to “ju mp on a Mexican.”  Why a “Mexican”? Now
that Obama has made attacking African-Americans taboo, it’s the others?
Do all those guns and knives flying off the shelves need new,
imaginable targets now?

3.    If a child is old enough to kill, he/she is old enough to go to
jail for it. These are not children. These boys became criminals before
they learnt how to become men. The real man was the one they killed.
Shame on Jeffrey Conroy, and all his six buddies. They didn’t learn to pick on
someone as big as them, but on one they perceived as weaker.






Your view?

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