Tyranny and Freedom

You do nothing to me but what I consent to, by action or inaction. Even with my wings and tongue cut off, I consent. With my innocence and ignorance I consent. With my re-actions and re-cognitions I consent. It is when I learn that I cannot consent that I become helpless. You do nothing to me but what I consent to, by action or inaction. And that seduces you into action.

Imagining Choice, Chance, and Integrity

If you were between life and death and if, brokenhearted, you had accepted death until a lifeboat came along… If you took this last straw, this lucky chance, and came to a life you had not thought to be so strong… Yet if you did not like it and wanted to get off the boat, …you might have found that by then you were in debt–to Life. You had been saved, and so many had not, so you had to do something to return that gift. If you were to retain your integrity, to live down all those cries for justice and fairness and truth, you had to do unto others what you would have them do unto you. You had to be gentle to them, and kind, and loving. Except that in their life, to be these things was to be happily (to you) the mummy to the death mask, the evocation of life to life. And so, as you drifted upon the crossing, you began to wonder, why did you save yourself? 

There are two kinds of selfishness: the obvious way is to do something because it suits you. The other is to do something because you must, anguished by integrity.