Destruction, destructuration and deconstruction

Scale is everything. It is possible to look at the catabolic processes of a cell and infer the sickness of the whole organism. It should also be possible to look at the same processes and infer the larger task of healing and reconstruction that the catabolism aids in.  Some people are unable to see the two in tandem. And sometimes those who point out the catabolism too regularly are found to be negating of the laughter of the social.

We are none of us only made of laughter or of tears. To attribute only one marker to a person’s entire way of being should be only a placeholder for a larger game. As judgment it would be reductive, a destructuring of all the ‘what’s’ that make up a ‘who.’ Identity can be beneficially constructed as being less about ‘essence’ and more about actions, allegiances, how one speaks, what one does; taken as sole marker of an essential nature it can be unjust and partial.

Your view?

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