It is possible to do great harm by doing nothing at all. Whether one does or does not do, a reaction is invited, and action builds upon reaction until a vast space is wound about with ropes of cause and effect, and all tracery back to the root is discursive ideology and the separation of one from the other, no arbitration occurs, no settlement, until finally the gordian knot is cut with some story of a sword and past present future all cease to matter. The arbitration of action works to slow down the inevitable progress of reactions, separating warring things, conjoined bits, in the hope of understanding better what the problem is, for does a wise man not say that the correct formulation of a problem is its solution, but the space of arbitration is a momentary space between jaws between hands between, and it does not last, until negation carries progress forward and all proceeds to nothing after all.

Your view?

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