No one will intervene, there is no Messiah. Only ourselves, and this vast serenity. There is no why. In life, you cannot ask for time to lay down the burden. Arjun, Krishna is the shape of things!

There are glass bead games, great and royal games of chance, but life is not a game, unless you call it the Great Performance, the enactment of how things are. And in it you and I have parts, and on each part depends so little, so much, that we must play it well. There is no other reward, except the vision of something we must call great and terrible and beautiful because we cannot see it whole. Forget performing yourself to an audience, a greater part awaits. Arjun, Krishna is the shape of things.




Reference: “To which god shall we offer our worship?” — originally from the Rig Veda, found as epigraph to Shashi Deshpande’s Small Remedies (2000).