This blog is about attentuations and accentuations, about affect and those fragments of emotion that “shimmer” into “unprecedented states” and “burning activity.” This is about becoming and not-becoming, about the parables of the everyday and the fine gradients of interaction that make up this “worldly world.”

“Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works, yet we require critics to explain the one and biographers to expound the other.” — Virginia Woolf

What you read here is neither a lie nor a confession, though I use my life, my vision. If anything, it is myth, practiced. I hide nothing. I reveal.

“It is an arrogance and sometimes a bore to begin with oneself. But I do not know where else to begin, where else to find the same, where else to find the different.” — Greg Dening

One begins with the only natural contrivance one knows really well.

It is no use just to write “the truth”; one has “to write it for and to somebody, somebody who can do something with it.” –Bertolt Brecht

What I catalyse, transform, engender, remains the measure of my literary life.







The verbal sketches and musings you will encounter in these pages fall into the following broad categories. Following the tags under each post should help you access clusters of writing around the same memes.

1. Prose Poetry.

2. Politics: its Ethics and Erotics.

3. Page and Screen: Book and film/TV reviews.

4. Affirmative Cosmopolitics.

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